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about Longda Packing

We are Manufacturer For Packaging Machine, Consist of Heat Press Machine, Oven, ZMA, ZMB, ZMC, ZMD, ZME series of Pulp Machine, etc.

Besides we set up two ZM production line. On one hand, we supply paper products for other companies, the other hand, you can come to my company to check the quality of our machines and paper products.

Company is located in the town of Qingyang on the south bank of the Yangtse River and in the hinterland of the "Golden Triangle in southern Jiangsu" in the Suzhou, Wuxi and Changzhou developed area. With the Taihu Lake close to the south, the Yangtse River close to the north, the Huning Railway and Expressway 5 kilometers away and the Xichang railway crossing the town, the geographical location and national conditions are very advantageous.

What's our products?

Longda Packing is specialized in designing, manufacturing and selling Pulp Molding Machines. Company is a director unit of China Food and Packing Machinery Industrial Association Pulp Molding Machinery and Paper Products Branch. Its technical strength is tremendous and the company has long-term experience in pulp molding machinery equipment and pulp molded paper product design and manufacture. Use waste paper as raw material, which is low cost, free pollution, can be recycled. And the equipment features simple operation, easy repair and maintenance. The company lays stress on the quality, upholds good faith and takes the customers' needs as its principle and the product quality as the aim. New pulp molded packages are developed every year.

With years of operating experiences, a group of technical talents in specialities of mechanics, industrial automation, computer and management, and quality assurance implemented in process of designing, manufacturing, installing, commissioning for guarantee of high quality and good performance of equipment. Company enjoys the good reputation and customers' awareness of its brand "Longda Packing ". At present company becomes one of the favorite suppliers of domestic and foreign paper pulp products and paper pulp machines manufacturers.

Our Server Idea

Longda Packing will provide the customers with satisfactory services and we are willing to make contributions to the environment protection undertaking. Company sticks to our promise which says "we'll provide each customer with sincere and qualified service".

Comapny is looking forward to cooperating with people in same trade for bright future of packing industry.

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